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Five steps instructors can take

Why now?

Studies have shown that the high costs of course materials can create unequal learning experiences for students. Results from national surveys have estimated that 63% of students have decided against buying a textbook because of the cost. At Northwestern, we're not far behind.

Northwestern students have reported trying to get by without purchasing the required textbook
Northwestern students have dropped a course because they couldn't afford the course materials

Statistics gathered from Northwestern's Spring 2021 Canvas Satisfaction Survey. See the U.S. PIRG's (Public Interest Research Group) 2020 report on Fixing the Broken Textbook Market for details on national trends and the impact textbook costs have on students.

What students actually spend on textbooks

The Northwestern Student Finance Office advises undergraduate students to budget $1600+ for textbook and supply costs. We wondered how much students are actually spending. In November 2019, we interviewed students across disciplines to ask how much they spend on textbooks and how the cost affects their lives and education. See some of their responses below.

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