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OER Grant Recipients

Since launching in 2019, the OER grant program has funded 17 projects to replace commercial textbooks with newly developed or adapted OER. Faculty participants range from the sciences, social sciences, and languages. It is estimated that the completed projects will save 3,665 students will save over $350,000 in textbook costs per year.


  • Alex Birdwell and Michele Zugnoni: Design Thinking and Communication (ENGLISH/DSGN 106)
  • Desiree Hanford and Patti Wolter: Reporting and Writing (JOUR 201-1)
  • Aaron Greicius and Sean McAfee: Single-Variable Differential Calculus and Single-Variable Integral Calculus (MATH 220-1 and 220-2)
  • J. Michelle Molina: Introduction to Religion (REL 170)
  • Vincent St-Amour: Data Structures and Data Management (COMP SCI 214)
  • Ana C Thomé Williams: Reading and Speaking Portuguese (PORT 201)